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Owner & Technical Director

Max Closen

Max was born and raised in a family of foresters in an area of dense woods in Germany. He completed a 3-year apprenticeship as a carpenter before entering the University of Applied Sciences in Rosenheim, where he graduated with a degree in Timber Engineering. After graduation, he worked in a variety of construction specialties, including traditional timber framing, residential construction, custom furniture construction, Passive House Technology and commercial heavy timber construction. In 2007, Max came to Canada for vacation (he sometimes claims that he is still on vacation), realizing his dream of exploring big mountains, wildlife and experiencing the Canadian wilderness. A series of coincidences led Max to complete his Master’s Degree from the University of British Columbia’s Timber Engineering program. During his time at UBC, Max conducted research on timber connection systems and was fortunate to be involved in connection testing for the first commercial CLT structure in Canada.

Max founded MyTiCon realizing that sustainable mass timber structures and their members are held together by connections which are not very well developed in North America. He firmly believes that connection technology advancements will be one of the driving forces to build bigger and better in North America with sustainable building materials such as mass timber.

Max cares deeply about the environment and demonstrates this in his life with a minimalist consumer lifestyle. Rain or shine, he cycles 62km to and from work, conserving non-renewable resources while reducing his own carbon footprint. When not in the office, Max still admires the great Canadian outdoors and likes to tackle the Grouse Grind trail where his personal goal is to stay under the 40-minute mark. Max has hiked and camped more of BC than most who were raised here. Max strives for excellence in all that he does.

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Matt Baril

Matt Baril is MTC’s Marketing guru. He joined MyTiCon in March 2014 as a Certified Associate in Project Management, which makes sense since he spends most of his time setting deadlines for the rest of the team. Matt is bilingual in French and English, which must be why he talks twice as much as anyone else. He makes us have team meetings first thing Monday mornings and watch online tutorials of him teaching us how to implement some “new and improved” application tool. Matt loves to spend time with his family on his sail boat or at the cabin. But things have become hectic for this dad; the family has just welcomed twin boys in early 2018. We doubt he’ll get to read any more books and sailing will be docked for a bit. Hopefully this means no more Monday morning team meetings.

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Product and Sales Consultant

Denise Tinline

Denise has been with MyTiCon since the early stages and has built a loyal customer base with successful projects all over North America. Her love and passion for mass timber excites everyone around her. ‘Fantastic’ is by far her favourite word, and you will hear it exclaimed throughout the day. Denise is the only one in the company with her own office; not because she’s earned it, but because it’s the only way the rest of the team can get any peaceful work done. It’s hard to find someone more caring than Denise. She never hesitates to walk the extra mile for her friends and colleagues, with her loving husband always at her side. Denise wears many hats (figuratively speaking; she wouldn’t risk a bad hair day). In her free time, she teaches Keto cooking classes, hosts dinner parties, and caters special events for her friends. We give her a hard time, but we wouldn’t survive a day without our MyTiCon mom.

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Technical Engineer & Sales Support

JP Letarte

JP is one of our most versatile team members and brings a variety of skills to the team: engineering, marketing, design, sales and even shipping/receiving. This means he's always busy, or so will he tell you. The word in the office is that he's mostly busy telling people how busy he is. Some would find it impressive that JP crossed the entire country to join MyTiCon, but we know better. He didn’t journey by canoe or fight off grizzly bears to get here; JP took Highway 1 and drove for five days straight across Canada in the comfort of his A/C. JP travels in style and keeps his hair fresh. He’s also French… which might explain why he’s always dancing and stashes cans of maple syrup in his desk.

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Product and Sales Consultant

Katelyn Cross

Originating from Canada’s far east, Katelyn is not new to British Columbia. She lived in Vancouver for five years then ventured up North. One hit of -30 weather and she was scrambling back to Vancouver into a Marketing and Sales role with MTC. The girl has a great sense of humour and has enriched the male dominated engineering environment. Katelyn likes to bike to work - when it’s not raining - and in Vancouver it rains a lot, so the bike often sits in a dark corner of the office for days at a time. She plays slow-pitch and volleyball and impressed us all hiking the Grouse Grind. She’s a loving aunt and caring family person who never says no to a free taste of someone else’s lunch. The question, ‘do you want to try?’ is a rhetorical one, but she doesn`t seem to know. Overall, we would not know what to do without her. Her cheerfulness does not seem to be exhausted anytime soon.

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Warehouse Manager

Raman Dhaliwal

Raman is a recent transplant from Australia. Raman once visited Vancouver’s famous Stanley Park, with its towering 50 metre Douglas fir trees and majestic red cedars, but he claims it was “rubbish.” At least he came with excellent warehouse experience. While he comes across as humble and well-behaved, there is much more to Raman than first meets the eye, like the fact that he owns a diamond plated watch, yet brags about the $5 watch he wears to work each day. Raman is a whiz in the warehouse and has even made changes to increase capacity. The MTC team is grateful he joined us.

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Technical Support Intern

Alejandro Coronado

Alejandro is taking a short break from his stressful student life at BC Institute of Technology to join us as our resident wannabe engineer for the summer. He is excited to learn about different areas of engineering, especially those related to structural and timber engineering. Alejandro is also eager to take on new tasks and to showcase the experience he gained working as a Civil Technologist. Although only with us for a short time, he is working hard to become an essential member of the team.

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Technical Support

Dominique Robitaille

Dominique joins MyTiCon’s technical support team from Quebec, where he completed a bachelor’s degree in Wood Engineering and a degree in Accounting from Laval University.  Aside from his intelligence, Dominique brings his own unique flair to the team, and has altered our belief that all Quebecois wear Crocs with socks. Dominique is fascinated with wood construction and research and development, making him a perfect addition to MyTiCon's cutting-edge research efforts. Dominique is a big fan of water sports, especially the ones involving sails and waves, and he has quite the Green Thumb (or so he says). We look forward to fresh plants and roses blossoming in the office. 

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Marketing Co-ordinator

Agata Konopka

Agata joins MyTiCon's marketing team with a unique background in software development and interior design.  She moved to Vancouver from Calgary a few months ago with dreams to trade in her winter boots for much cuter summer shoes; we must say we're impressed with her determination, she pulls off high heels even in the worst West Coast rain.  A voracious reader, Agata likes to know everything about everything, but still can’t figure out what the engineers are up to. 

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Office Manager

Marnie Huard

Marnie is here to finally whip our team into shape. Marnie holds a Bachelor of Human Resources Management & Labour Relations and a university certificate in Industrial Relations and HR Management. She moved from Quebec 8 years ago, and tips our German vs. Quebec scale in favour of the French. Marnie has 2 boys and loves spending time with her family. You can find her at a spin class on the weekend or discussing French literature at a cafe. She is addicted to chocolate and swears she could win a Nutella eating contest, despite her small size. But don’t be fooled; she is a huge MMA fan and practiced kickboxing for over 2 years.

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Technical Support

Neda Nedari

Neda Joins the technical support team with a Master’s in Structural and Earthquake engineering from the University of British Columbia. She is eager to learn and work in the mass timber industry and use her knowledge from her Civil engineering background. Neda is local to Metro Vancouver, so she knows where all the good brunch spots are, that is if you’re willing to wait in line. On the weekends you will find her standing in line at the latest Marvel movie.

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Sales & Business Development Manager

Daniel Yaptangco

Daniel brings over 15 years of research, product management, global marketing and business analysis to MyTiCon. Born and raised in Manila, Philippines with a BSC – Major in Management of Financial Institutions from De La Salle University, Daniel has worked in various industries such as Banking, Steel Recycling, Architectural Hardware and Concrete Waterproofing. A firm believer that hard work beats talent, he is very competitive in nature. A former soccer varsity, you will see him kicking a ball around a nearby field during weekends. Daniel also enjoys traveling around the world and checking out the local food scene.

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Technical Support

Hugo Le Jolu

Hugo is a French engineer that specializes in wood technology and construction. He joins MyTiCon with a background and degree in Mechanical Engineering and Production. He was raised in Brittany, France, which he claims is obviously the most beautiful and friendly region in France. We trust him! After a year spent in a sawmill in Germany, three months in the forests of Sweden and six exciting months in British Columbia, Canada, Hugo choose to settle in Vancouver to continue his discovery of this giant and awesome country! Hugo cares about the environment and is highly concerned with sustainable development. He tries to orient all of his life choices (education, job, food, furniture, activities, etc.) to reduce his carbon footprint on the earth. “Local and organic first!” his motto goes. However, Hugo also loves sophisticated things which make his choices complicated!  But he swears he is doing his best!

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JR Sales Consultant

Nicole Kobilansky

One of the unicorns born and raised in Greater Vancouver, Nicole is the youngest member of the sales team at My-Ti-Con. She has a background in sales & customer service so she will excel in her new role. Nicole leads a busy lifestyle, between riding & performing on her horse, playing competitive slow-pitch, spending time with friends & family, it's true that “spare time” doesn’t arise often. If she could ride her horse to work, Nicole would be all over it, unfortunately, in this day & age, they don’t have horse parking stalls! Asking “did you bring a lunch today?” is basically a rhetorical question to her ordering from a local sushi place is usually on the top of the list instead of eating leftovers.  Her teamwork skills promise an exciting future for this bubbly ball of energy!

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