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Mini Yoke Flyer

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Preview of our new Mini Yoke coming soon to MyTiCon!

COVERS Mini Yoke Material Handling System

Kombi Fully Threaded

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The new ASSY® Kombi 1/2" (12mm) fully threaded screw features an engineered HEX head designed for lifting of timber elements with the Yoke and Transport Anchor.


Timber Connection Solutions Brochure

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A listing of the cutting edge solutions proposed by MyTiCon for all sorts of timber connections, from the simplest to the most complex tall wood buildings.

COVERS ASSY Eco Countersunk Head, ASSY Eco Stainless Steel, ASSY FWH Flat Washer Head, ASSY Kombi, ASSY Kombi Stainless Steel, ASSY SK Stainless Steel, ASSY SK Washer Head , ASSY VG CSK Counter Sunk Head, ASSY VG CYL Cylinder Head, ASSY VG RH Reverse Head, GIGANT, MEGANT, RICON S VS, WALCO, 45° Wedge Washer, 90° Cup Washer, AW ASSY Bits, RAMPA SKL, Transport Anchor, Yoke 1T Material Handling System, Yoke 5T Material Handling System, FT Connector

Pre-manufactured Concrete Slab Connector

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This brochure provides insight into the installation procedures and concepts associated with pre-manufactured concrete slabs.

COVERS ASSY VG CSK Counter Sunk Head, FT Connector