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Self-Drilling Dowel Installation Video

Rect dsc 0335

Learn how to install CLT with an internal knife plate using the Self Drilling Dowel.

COVERS Self-Drilling Dowel

Structural Screw Installation Guide

Rect assy installation guide cover

The new structural screw installation guide is a practical document designed to clarify and simplify the installation process of self-tapping screws.

COVERS ASSY Eco Countersunk Head, ASSY Eco Stainless Steel, ASSY FWH Flat Washer Head, ASSY Kombi, ASSY Kombi Stainless Steel, ASSY SK Stainless Steel, ASSY SK Washer Head , ASSY VG CSK Counter Sunk Head, ASSY VG CYL Cylinder Head, ASSY VG RH Reverse Head, AW ASSY Bits

Installation Instructions WALCO V80

Rect walco v80 installation instructions

Installation instruction details for KNAPP WALCO V80.