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The guidelines provided in this document are general suggestions on the potential lifting capacity of the Yoke rigging system used with a combination of ICC-ES approved ASSY self tapping screws. To accommodate different rigging scenarios, such as CLT flat floor panel, CLT wall panel tilting and Glulam beam, a variety of screw options with either full thread or partial thread is provided, allowing rigging for the thinnest panels (3-1/8”) up to the bulkiest ones. All Yoke devices provided by MyTiCon Timber Connectors have been tested in a North American testing facility to provide confidence to designers and safety on site. The variety of options are compatible with most engineered wood products available in North America; Cross Laminated Timber, Nail Laminated Timber, Glulam, Mass Plywood Panel, Structural Composite Lumber, etc. Name it, we can lift it.

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