Can you use the RICON S VS beam hanger systems in masonry?

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Yes, the RICON S VS beam hangers can be used in masonry

Can Two Beam Hangers be Installed Vertically On Top of Each Other?

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Yes, two beam hangers may be installed vertically on top of each other.

Are torsional effects a concern for deep beams with Ricon S VS connectors?

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Deep beams paired with smaller Ricon S VS beam hangers can experience out-of-plane twisting when not restrained properly.

Can fully threaded wood screws be used to control the shrinking and swelling behavior of wood?

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The structural integrity of deep timber elements can be affected by the swelling and shrinking of the elements associated with changes in moisture ...

Could the Beam Hanger System be used in CLT end grain applications?

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The Beam Hanger System can be used in CLT end grain applications.

For fire rated connections, is fire caulking always necessary?

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The use of fire caulking is up to the discretion of the designer.

Can RICON S VS connectors be used under wet service conditions?

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Wood members expected to have high moisture contents need to be designed for wet service conditions.

Can engineers trust design tables?

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“Trust, but verify.”

Is it safe to load screws laterally in the end grain?

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Standard design procedures in CSA O86 and NDS 2018 account for strength reductions associated with end grain installation, but member strength must...

When do I need to reinforce pre-engineered connectors?

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Dependent on installation location reinforcement of connector plates is required in order to maintain continuous shear transfer in the connected me...

Can the tensile strength of a fastener be adjusted for short term loading?

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When loaded in tension, the withdrawal resistance of a fastener may be adjusted to short term loading, can the tensile strength be adjusted as well?

How do I achieve a concealed, high capacity, fire rated post to beam connection using deep and narrow beams?

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For connecting a 6-⅞” by 21” beam to a column.

Can I use the RICON on both sides of a header?

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For symmetrical installation of RICON pre-engineered connectors application can often be limited by the width of the member resulting in fastener c...

Can the Ricon®️ S VS and Gigant Systems Resist Uplift Forces?

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The RICON®️ S VS and GIGANT pre-engineered beam hangers are designed so that the beams are simply lowered into place during construction. To resist...

Which Drill Should Be Used to Install Assy Fasteners?

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ASSY fasteners need capable equipment in order to be installed, as for longer fasteners significant torque can develop.

Can Megant Connectors Be Tightened from Below?

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Whether the secondary beam is installed with the crane from the side, from above or from below, Megant installation instructions show the threaded ...

Can Knapp Beam Hangers Be Welded to Steel?

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Knapp RICON S VS beam hangers with welded collar bolts can be welded to steel for the purpose of hanging wood beams to steel columns or girders.

Can Screw Heads Be Left Exposed in Fire Rated Connections?

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Exposed screws create a thermal bridge to the inner core of wood members and leave screws vulnerable to damage.

Can European Design Values Be Used in North America?

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EC5, the NDS, and CSA O86 are based on different design approaches which means that characteristic/reference/basic design values cannot be applied ...

Can Ricon® Beam Hangers Be Used to Connect Joists to Headers at Skewed Angles?

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RICON beam hangers are usually used to connect joists to girders at 90° horizontal angles. Generally, a RICON plate attaches to a joist with the sc...

How Is the Wood Cover for Fire Protection Calculated for Concealed Beam Hangers?

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Part 3 of Technical Report No.10 (TR 10), “Calculating the Fire Resistance of Exposed Wood Members” by the AWC contains design procedures relevant ...