Can I use the RICON on both sides of a header?

For symmetrical installation of RICON pre-engineered connectors application can often be limited by the width of the member resulting in fastener collision.
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When working with connectors mounted on both sides of a header, fastener collision can be a problem. The RICON system can alternatively be installed with threaded rods made from structural grade steel that are installed in pre-drilled holes in the header. Afterwards the connector plates are fastened with jam nuts that may not be thicker than ¼”  [6.4mm] to allow the plates to slide together. 

As the rods have larger diameter than the usual ASSY screws, the number of rods to be used may be smaller than the screws. The minimum header width is hereby 4-¾” [120mm] for the RICON 60 and 6-5/16” [160mm] for the RICON 80. The holes that require to be filled are marked red, whereas the RICON 60 uses an 8mm M8 metric threaded rod and the RICON 80 uses a 10mm M10 metric threaded rod.

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