How do I achieve a concealed, high capacity, fire rated post to beam connection using deep and narrow beams?

For connecting a 6-⅞” by 21” beam to a column.
Normal fire rating 2
In accordance with TR10, the required cover for a concealed beam to column connection to achieve a FRR of 60 minutes is 1.5 in . Achieving sufficient char layer depth without exposing metal parts can be challenging in narrow beams since standard connector widths often exceed the desired beam width. For cost efficiency, beam dimensions should be selected that do not require split lamination, such as the proposed 6-⅞” wide GL. The new RICON S VS 390x80 XL connector (15.4”x3.15”) was specifically engineered to connect to narrow beam end face sections while still allowing for the required char layer depth in accordance with TR 10. The result is an architecturally appealing, clean and concealed connection without exposed steel elements.  With a load capacity of up to 140kN (LSD- Canada) and up to 18,000lbf (ASD-USA) a new high efficiency connection system is available to the innovative design professional. 

On the 6-⅞” by 21” beam, a char layer of 1-⅞” on each side and 1-⅝” on the bottom is provided, which meets the requirements of TR 10.
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