Can the Ricon®️ S VS and Gigant Systems Resist Uplift Forces?

The RICON®️ S VS and GIGANT pre-engineered beam hangers are designed so that the beams are simply lowered into place during construction. To resist uplift forces, the design may consider two options.
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The KNAPP RICON®️ S60 and S80 Clip Locks for RICON®️ S VS systems can be installed on the main beam/column prior to installation. As the beam is lowered into place, the clip locks automatically engage the screw heads on the opposite plate, preventing displacement against the slide-in direction. The S60 and S80 Clip Locks are made of stainless spring steel, and are the same width as the RICON®️ S VS or the RICON S VS hangers (either 60mm or 80mm). These clip locks are installed next to the V-notch using the same screws used to fasten the plates. A zinc galvanized clip lock is also available for the GIGANT system.

Alternately, fully threaded toe screws can be installed once the beam is in place to resist uplift forces.The concept is of using toe screws shown below.

Normal toescrew

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