Could the Beam Hanger System be used in CLT end grain applications?

The Beam Hanger System can be used in CLT end grain applications.
RICON S VS beam hangers are typically used in the end grain of glulam beams. The wood used in CLT panels is dried and undergoes similar machine stress to the wood used in glulam beams. If the geometric requirements specified in the Beam Hanger Design Guide are met, it is possible to use the same design values. The main difference between the edges of CLT panels and the ends of Glulam beams, in North American CLT, is that the pieces of wood composing the CLT panels are not side glued. This may create some potential gaps when the fasteners of the Ricon S VS are installed. This is a similar phenomenon to split lam in larger glulam beams. In order to minimize this risk, we typically recommend filling all the screw holes of the Ricon S VS and to use longer fully threaded screws in both members.

As an example when using the RICON S VS 200x60 we recommend using 5/16” x  6-1/4” (8 mm x 160 mm) screws for both plates of the connector and using 16 screws per connector to make sure every hole in the connector is filled. If gaps are present at the connection location we recommend filling them with glue.  The US Beam Hanger Design Guide does not contain details for CLT, but it has a lot of information on geometry requirements, so we recommend using those design values as a guide.
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