Can the Self-Drilling Dowel be used into wet pre-service conditions?

Can the SDD be used in connection with delayed install, where the beams might be exposed to higher ambient humidity before being sealed into a building?  How about rain/dampness during construction?
Generally we recommend using the Self-Drilling Dowels (SDD) in dry service conditions only. Using the SDD in green wood or wood members that have natural corrosive properties should be avoided. The SDD is made of carbon steel with a light surface coating designed to protect the fasteners during regular construction periods. Light variation in timber moisture content during the construction should not be an issue.
The configuration of the connection and the swelling/settling effect of moisture content changes is most important. It is recommended to keep the connections at moisture content equilibrium as soon as the knife plates are installed. Internal steel knife plate may prevent the wood from settling when it dries, creating restrain shrinkage stresses.

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