Can RICON S VS connectors be used under wet service conditions?

Wood members expected to have high moisture contents need to be designed for wet service conditions.
For a connection expected to undergo wet service conditions, all components need to be designed adequately. In the case of the RICON S VS connectors, both the steel plates and the screws need to be corrosion resistant, while the wood members need to be detailed for expected shrinkage/swelling.
All steel used in the fabrication of the RICON S VS connectors is hot-dipped galvanized, making them adequate for exposed and high moisture content applications. Furthermore, ASSY A2 Stainless Steel Screws may be used for this type of application for an all-around corrosion resistant connection. In this case, a physical separation would have to be established between the fasteners and beam hanger plate through a plastic or rubber type washer.
When designing with stainless steel screws, it is important to keep in mind that it is softer than carbon steel, and therefore will have lower design values. The capacity of connection would need to be adjusted accordingly when specifying stainless steel screws.
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