Testing New Products at the University of Victoria

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At MyTiCon, we are proud to supply high-quality products that are tested here in North America with North American wood species. All the testing th...

Can the Self-Drilling Dowel be used into wet pre-service conditions?

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Can the SDD be used in connection with delayed install, where the beams might be exposed to higher ambient humidity before being sealed into a buil...

Can you use the RICON S VS beam hanger systems in masonry?

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Yes, the RICON S VS beam hangers can be used in masonry

Testing Update Shear Connection Design (April 22nd, 2019)

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Sharing the Passion for Connection Design with the Next Generation of Mass Timber Engineers at the University of British Columbia

Why do spacing requirements significantly increase for fasteners installed into Douglas Fir compared to other Spruce Pine Fir (SPF) wood members?

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Douglas Fir is more prone to splitting than other softwood species, therefore requires larger spacing requirements.

Can the Yoke anchors be used to lift GLT, NLT, and DLT panels?

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The Yoke anchors can be used to lift Glue Laminated Timber (GLT), Nail Laminated Timber (NLT) and Dowel Laminated Timber (DLT) panels.

What details need to considered when designing with internal knife plates?

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When designing connections with internal knife plates using our Self-Drilling Dowels, there are a few important details to keep in mind to make sur...

Why should the AW Drive Bits be used with ASSY screws?

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For optimum torque transfer in addition to exceptional fit and durability.<br>

Can Two Beam Hangers be Installed Vertically On Top of Each Other?

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Yes, two beam hangers may be installed vertically on top of each other.

(USA) How Do I Calculate the Design Strength of Inclined Screws?

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Fully threaded self-tapping screws are optimized for axial loading. By sufficiently inclining the screws toward the line of the force, lateral conn...

Why should Impact Drills not be used with ASSY Self-Tapping screws?

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Impact Drills cause a torque differential to the ASSY self-tapping screws, which causes permanent damage to the screw during installation.

Can Regular Carbon Steel Screws be Used in Sheltered, Outdoor Applications?

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Regular ASSY® carbon steel screws are intended for use in dry service conditions only, while corrosion-free ASSY® A2 stainless steel screws are sui...

Are torsional effects a concern for deep beams with Ricon S VS connectors?

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Deep beams paired with smaller Ricon S VS beam hangers can experience out-of-plane twisting when not restrained properly.

Does head pull-through failure apply for ASSY self-tapping screws with steel side plate connections?

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Calculated axial capacity design values for ASSY self-tapping screws must be compared against all other possible failure modes.

What spacing requirements should I follow when designing lateral connections with fully-threaded inclined ASSY self-tapping screws?

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The inclination of the screw axis with respect to the grain orientation, it can make it confusing to determine the spacing requirements of a connec...

Can fully threaded wood screws be used to control the shrinking and swelling behavior of wood?

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The structural integrity of deep timber elements can be affected by the swelling and shrinking of the elements associated with changes in moisture ...

Could the Beam Hanger System be used in CLT end grain applications?

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The Beam Hanger System can be used in CLT end grain applications.

Why is it recommended to install ASSY self-tapping screws in one continuous run?

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Challenges with site access or equipment limitations may force the installer to stop and drive the ASSY screws in multiple runs.

For fire rated connections, is fire caulking always necessary?

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The use of fire caulking is up to the discretion of the designer.

Can RICON S VS connectors be used under wet service conditions?

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Wood members expected to have high moisture contents need to be designed for wet service conditions.

Can ASSY self-tapping screws be used for end grain withdrawal applications?

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Certain T-joint connections may be required to resist tensile loads.

Can notched CLT panels be reinforced with fully threaded screws?

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Tension-site notches can result in excessive tensile stresses acting perpendicular to the grain of the panel.

When would I use symmetrical screw crosses over mutually parallel inclined screws?

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Inclined screws can be arranged mutually parallel to one another or in symmetrical screw crosses.

Can engineers trust design tables?

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“Trust, but verify.”

How do I promote even load sharing when using inclined fully threaded screws with steel side plates?

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As inclined shear-tension screws are loaded primarily in tension along the axis, even load-sharing is promoted through even pre-tensioning.

Can inclined screws be used for energy dissipation in seismic events?

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Ductility in timber structures comes primarily from mechanical joints.

Does pre-drilling affect withdrawal resistance?

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The majority of the time, self-tapping screws are installed with no pre-drilling. However, for some applications it is helpful to pre-drill a hole.

Is it safe to load screws laterally in the end grain?

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Standard design procedures in CSA O86 and NDS 2018 account for strength reductions associated with end grain installation, but member strength must...

When do I need to reinforce pre-engineered connectors?

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Dependent on installation location reinforcement of connector plates is required in order to maintain continuous shear transfer in the connected me...

What is the maximum distance that inclined screws in a screw cross be spaced apart?

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If an inclined shear-tension screw and an inclined shear-compression screw are far apart, do they still function as a screw cross?