Can ASSY Carbon Steel Fasteners Be Used in Wet Service Conditions?

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While ASSY A2 Stainless Steel screws are suitable for wet service conditions, the use of CLT in wet service conditions, however, is generally restr...

How Do ASSY FWH (Flat Washer Head) Screws Compare to ASSY SK Screws?

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ASSY FWH screws combine the pulling power of a washer-head screw (like the SK) with a clean finish of a countersunk head screw (like the ECOFAST). ...

Are ASSY Carbon Steel Screws Available in a Hot-Dip Galvanized Option?

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ASSY carbon steel screws are galvanized with a 5-8μm thick coating of either blue passivated zinc or yellow chromate, and are suitable for use in d...