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NEW Canadian Beam Hanger Design Guide

Pick the right Beam Hanger Solution for you!

The Beam Hanger is a system solution that allows the hardware to be pre-installed in a controlled shop environment before product delivery.

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Latest ICC-ESR 3178 Evaluation Report

Exclusive to MyTiCon's Line of Modern Timber Fasteners

Approved for installation angles of 45°

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Not Just Another Book

Our Handbook Features the FIRST EVER Design Guide for CLT Connections

Our best and most advanced work yet.

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Code Approved Products

Our products follow the highest standards of the industry internationally. All our systems have been extensively tested, used and recognized all around the world.

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Our Product Consultants are here to offer you a personalized experience and make sure you have answers to your questions and always get the right technology for your projects.

In-House Engineering Expertise

Our in-house engineering team will help you design your connections, answer all the technical questions you may have and create the documentation you need.

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We deliver our modern timber connection systems everywhere in North America within a few business days. Always have your connectors on time.